Air Conditioning

Your indoor air temperature consistency will be influenced by the central air conditioner that you choose, premium comfort, as well as precise temperature control, are air conditioning qualities we offer.
At High 5 Mechanical our air conditioning systems are installed so that your air is consistent; inside your home or office no matter the season. Air conditioning is a system that uses refrigeration to cool air. It can also be used to provide heating and dehumidification. Air conditioners can be quite loud, this is something we keep in mind when selecting the right air conditioning system for your home. Our air conditioning efficiency can save on your power bill by offering optimized systems for your interior space.

What to look for in an Air Conditioner

Comfort Features

The consistency of your indoor temperature will be affected differently by the central air conditioner that you choose.
The most basic model or single-stage air conditioner has a simple airflow on and off. For slightly more advanced control the two-stage model offers high and low-stage cooling that will provide enhanced comfort levels when required. For premium comfort and a more precise temperature control the variable-speed air conditioner will provide a more consistent comfort.

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Humidity Control

To keep your home cool the air conditioning unit pulls heat and humidity out of the indoor air and uses your systems blower to circulates the air.
Air conditioners with a variable-speed compressor operate at lower speeds for longer times providing excellent humidity control because they spend more time pulling the humidity out of the air.
Reducing the humidity in your home will dramatically improve your comfort.

Sound Performance

If your air conditioning unit is located near a bedroom window or a patio sound performance is definitely a feature you want to consider.
Compared to models with single-stage compressors air conditioners with variable or multi-stage compressors provide ultra quiet operation. Something you may also want to consider is a model that includes a sound blanket that will further reduce noise levels.

Energy Savings

Just like a car's miles per gallon (MPG) rating, air conditioners are rated by their seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). The higher the SEER rating the more energy efficient your system will be. We also convert R-22 air conditioners into R-410A air conditioning system to increase energy efficiency because as of January 1, 2020, it is no longer legal to import or produce R-22 Freon.