Tips for Buying a New AC Unit

Tips for Buying a New AC Unit

Summer's almost here, which means you'll be using your AC unit more frequently. Maybe your old unit is not up for the job, and you are considering a replacement. Have you noticed your AC unit isn't cooling effectively as it used to? Or maybe you've had to have your air conditioner maintainced more frequently. These might be signs that your AC unit is failing or close to it. Sure, buying a new AC can feel like an expensive hassle. But when you consider that the alternative is to put up with a hot, sweaty summer, it's not such a bad idea. So what are some things you should consider when purchasing a new AC unit? We'll tell you!

Your air conditioner must be kept in top condition so it can cool rooms when the temperatures start to rise. Proper air conditioner maintenance will ensure a longer, more energy-efficient life. However, sometimes air conditioners get to the point in their lives when they need to be replaced. There are a few common signs you may need to replace your AC unit. If you're wondering if it's time for a new air conditioner, here are some signs to look out for:

  1. If your air conditioning unit is more than ten years old, it might be time to consider replacing it.
  2. You have to keep adjusting your thermostat because your house never feels cool enough.
  3. Your monthly energy bill is too high.
  4. Your AC unit struggles to keep up with the weather outside
  5. You've had to regularly call an HVAC repair company over the past few years.
  6.  Your AC makes strange noises or smells weird.

More modern units are better for the environment and more energy-efficient. They can also save you money on your bills in the long run! SaskEnergy even has grants available for people who replace their old AC units with new energy-efficient ones! 

When you're shopping for a new AC unit, it's important to keep in mind that you'll be using your purchase regularly and will have it for many years. So here are some things to look for when finding the perfect AC unit for your home.

  1. Is it the right size? If your air conditioning unit is too small, it won't cool your house. If it's too big, it'll run and shut off before it gets the chance to dehumidify your home. Either way, you won't be comfortable!
  2. How energy efficient is your potential unit? Is it Energy-Star certified? If your AC unit is Energy-Star certified, you can rest assured that it's an energy-efficient model that will help save money on your monthly energy bills while keeping you cool.
  3. How quiet is your potential unit? Are there any reviews of the noise level? Before buying your next AC unit, check out some customer reviews to find out just how noisy or quiet it is. After all, who wants a buzzy new appliance ruining their evening news or sleep?
  4. Will this unit be reliable? What's the warranty like, and is there a history of issues with this model? You know what they say: better safe than

At High 5 Mechanical, we know important it is to keep cool when it's hot out. A properly working AC unit can help you enjoy the hot Saskatchewan summers. We use the best equipment available to protect your home from outside temperatures and keep you comfortable in your own space. We use Carrier products, which are all Energy-Star certified. These energy-efficient tools will keep your home temperate without much power, which means less money spent on electricity and more money available for barbecues and beach trips! You'll get a comfortable home and save money simultaneously—what could be better?

We how important it is to have a reliable air conditioner to stay cool, comfortable, and sane. That's why High 5 Mechanical is the company to call when your AC just won't cut it. Whether you need AC repairs or a new system, you can count on us to keep your home running smooth and cool. We guarantee the work will be done on time and safely when you work with us. We're here for you, from high-efficiency air conditioning installation to emergency repairs on existing systems. At High 5 Mechanical, we're your first choice for all of your HVAC needs. We can handle everything from vents and air ducts to rooftop units and boilers—and everything in between. Contact us today!